I have been working as a winemaker for various vineyards and co-ops in the region for the past eight years, and before that in the Rhône Valley, at Coldstream Hills in Australia, and in Spain. I have now achieved my dearest dream: to produce my own wine on a small property using organic agriculture and following the principles of biodynamics.

Domaine de la Jument Rousse was born in 2006.
Covering just 6 hectares of vines on a plateau at 250m above sea level in the middle of the wild garrigue, it is located behind the Carla chapel, above the hill overlooking the Abbey of Lagrasse.

The name jument rousse, or chestnut mare, is a reference to the late “Libellule”, my draught horse with whom I started working the soil, and also to the novel by Marcel Aymé La Jument Verte.
There are four different wines in my range; I admit that the pleasure of winemaking is what makes my work worthwhile.

It only remains for me to wish you “Bonne dégustation” - Enjoy the tasting!